16+ After care

  • We provide supported living placements for young people aged 16 and over. Our main aim is to provide safe and high-quality accommodation in which our young people can develop and enhance their independent skills. We undertake a complete Psychological assessment to determine the abilities in relation to independence for each young person.
    We offer a well outlined developmental treatment package, which includes therapeutic counselling sessions, one-to-one therapy and chat sessions which take place in their semi- independent/ supported living environments where our in house qualified Clinical Psychologists and Psychotherapists get to engage them on a higher level, enabling us to identify, understand and discover ways of making their life experiences more positive.

  • Clinical Diagnoses

    There is a significant gap in Clinical Psychological Assessment and Therapeutic support available to our young people. Although many people may share common needs, no two individuals are the same. One individual may need to develop self-esteem whilst another may need to learn how to develop relationships. Whatever the challenge, our objective is to give everyone the opportunity to grow, learn, and develop to reach their full potential in the future. We at Paramount Therapy Centre believe that the earlier we address their Emotional wellbeing issues facing young people, a more improved and effective recovery rate will be achieved.


    We have a duty to ensure that our Young People are safeguarded and that their welfare is given paramount consideration. In all aspects of our work we strive to provide positive experiences for young people in a safe and caring environment, free from harm or abuse. We have a moral and legal obligation to provide a safe living environment within which our young people can thrive, where they are supported for by adults they trust and can live without fear of harm or abuse.

    Health and wellbeing

    Our teamwork with each person to identify key targets in their day-to-day lives to maintain their physical and emotional wellbeing and to explain the importance of healthcare and hygiene. We work closely with the medical services and we have weekly in-house sessions with our psychologist and  psychotherapist.

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