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  • Welcome to Paramount Therapy Centre Limited

    ...a subsidiary to ‘’Change for Young People – Therapeutic Living’’.

    Welcome to Paramount Therapy Centre Limited a subsidiary to ‘’Change for Young People – Therapeutic Living’’.
    Our services for Children provide warm, caring accommodation and Support for 16/17 Year olds. We aim to provide an appropriate accommodation and Psychological Assessment that offer young people face to face therapeutic support to achieve positive outcomes. Our Qualified in-house Psychologists and Psychotherapists provide 24/7 Clinical assessments and therapeutic support to our young people/residents.

    Our in-house Psychotherapists work within the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP) code of ethics. We are passionate in tackling the core issues that affect our young people. Our Clinical assessment and therapeutic support enable our young people to lead healthy and productive lives. In turn impacting on their standard living and enhancing their life opportunities. Our services provide a clinical approach wherein young people can address their difficulties, unpack their emotional fears, and achieve greater psychological and emotional wellbeing whilst working with our team of trained health professionals. Paramount Therapy Center offers a well outlined developmental treatment package, which includes therapeutic counseling sessions, one-to-one therapy and chat sessions which take place in their semiindependent/ supported living environments where our in house qualified Clinical Psychologists and Psychotherapists get to engage them on a higher level, enabling us to identify, understand and discover ways of making their life experiences more positive.

    We identify and understand the vulnerable circumstances and challenges each individual service user faces. Some of these challenges are:
    • Homelessness
    • Mental Health
    • Various Forms of Abuse
    • Attachment injuries
    • Fear of Life
    • Gang Affiliation

    Through identifying the distinctive need of our service users, we create personalised support plans that are designed to stir and motivate them into making the best decisions for themselves. We apply a holistic approach in supporting our service users and provide support were necessary to ensure each service user finds their way. We hope that the outcome for all our service users is that they are eased back into society with the ability to fully function as members. We also hope that by doing so they can become role models for others who may face similar challenges.

    • Clinical assessment and therapeutic support
    • Drugs, alcohol & mental health
    • Missing From Home
    • Child sexual exploitation (CSE)
  • We are based in Bradford (West Yorkshire).

    Our services for Children provide warm, caring, family stylehomes for looked after children with emotional, learning, social and behavioural difficulties who for whatever reason are unable to live with their family..

    There is a significant gap in Clinical Psychological Assessment and Therapeutic support available to young people, especially (Looked After Children 16+) to tackle the core issues that affect the young people during and when they leave care. Hence, they continue in the same cycle of hopelessness, drugs, missing from home and reoffending
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  • We have been supporting children for over fifteen years. Our goal is to help create a place for perfect recovery from social ills

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